Distrikt Capital is focused on bringing long-term value to our investors and partners though the acquisition, development, and asset management of high quality real estate across the GTA with a focus on residential land and multi-family properties. We make strategic investments alongside our clients including institutional funds, family offices, and other high net worth owners and investors.

We provide real estate private equity to both our internally managed developments, as well as third party developers and owners. Our partnership approach brings best in class service providers, full team resources and experience, and asset management expertise to our operating partners on every project.



Stable structures create long-term value. We create, and can restructure debt, equity, and ownership vehicles to be aligned with the business plan, always looking forward to providing flexibility for multiple exit or hold options. We engage with both passive and joint-venture partners.



Off-market acquisition opportunities created by established relationships, proactive approach, and professional business operations. The right acquisition starts with the right real estate, research, partners, and structure.



Dedicated, engaged, experienced. We drive the execution and oversight of each asset's business plan to deliver superior risk adjusted returns for our investors and partners. Our focus is on long-term value creation while remaining open to opportunistic transactions.

Our approach results in:

Off-market investment opportunities

Deep understanding of potential risks and upside

Highly aligned capital structures rewarding performance

Efficient, institutional-level financing

Transparent, reliable investor reporting

Full investment cycle capabilities