How To Make Neutrals Work In Your Home

November 18, 2019

As the trend for neutrals grows, more homeowners are beginning to adopt the look for their space. The difficulty often lies in the art of balancing your neutrals to make your home still feel exciting, inviting, and beautiful. Here are four ways you can make a neutral colour scheme work for you.

Texture It

When it comes to design, the emphasis on colour is very clear. It’s the most easily recognizable trait of a space, room, or object. However, what doesn’t get emphasized enough is texture. This is the less apparent trait that can sometimes get lost on an eye that lacks an attention to detail. Texture can balance like-coloured items yet still provide a fresh sense of diversity that creates a beautiful juxtaposition design-lovers crave. Try mixing leathers, woods, and furs for a texture-forward space.

Where’s The Contrast

A key to avoiding monochromatic blandness is contrast. Strategically placing pieces that contrast each other together provide one’s eye a fresh perspective. Think of the contrast a pop of green from a beautiful natural plant can create in the corner of a neutral room, or how the pop of a contrast coloured pillow can bring life to a neutral coloured couch.

Just A Little Bit Of Colour

Those that lean on the less extreme side of neutralism like to add just a little bit of colour to cut thing’s out. Integrating a neutral loving colour such as blue, green, or orange, allows a sense of playfulness that resonates with designers. These pops of colour will be the fix a neutral room craves.

Play With Shape

Similar to our lesson in texture, shape plays a key role in adding diversity to a space. Two like coloured-items with similar textures may lose the eye at first glance, but shape can help define them as subtly different. Try exaggerating shape in a living room, bedroom, or office, for a uniquely different look.