Emil Toma

Emil Toma

President / Distrikt Developments

Emil Toma is the co-founder of Distrikt Capital and the Distrikt group of companies, and serves as the President of Distrikt Developments, where he is engaged in overall corporate strategy, and leads the firm’s land development process, rezonings, and construction management oversight.

An accomplished developer and builder, Emil has over 25 years of real estate and logistics experience and has led over $1 billion in residential, commercial, and government infrastructure real estate projects. 

Prior to his work in the Toronto real estate development industry, Emil co-founded and co-led Caribbean International Supply (CIS), a multi-national supply logistics and construction company. With offices in Toronto, Central America, and the Caribbean, CIS was a leading supplier to the construction and hospitality industry throughout the Caribbean, offering full service supply chain logistics, engineering, design, installation, and after sales services to a wide range of international and government clients.  Emil is well known for his focus on solid, long-term trade relationships based on mutual trust, leading teams to successfully complete complex cross-border and domestic projects.

Emil is a graduate from York University.